• AbSci featured in Nature webcast!

    Nature.com invited AbSci to present on next-generation antibody technology.

  • AbSci announces expansion plans!

    AbSci to expand into the new Columbia River Life Sciences Technology Building.

  • Revolutionizing Protein Expression

    Bringing down the costs of biologic drugs is an integral step in making tomorrows therapeutics accessible today.

  • AbSci wins Game Changer award!

News & Research

Nature invited AbSci to discuss SoluPro.

AbSci announces expansion plans!

AbSci takes home Game Changer award!

Overcoming science's greatest hurdles to achieving global health.

Welcome to AbSci

A leading provider of Streamlined Soluble Protein Expression for the pharmaceutical industry.

AbSci's SoluProis a proprietary, bioengineered expression platform that allows for easily optimizable and scalable production of complex proteins, including monoclonal antibodies.  The core technology allows proteins to be produced at a fraction of their current cost, while maintaining all of their performance characteristics.

These benefits are realized at both the R&D stage, where this all-in-one solution will enable quicker access to these valuable proteins for screening purpsoses, as well as in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This breakthrough technology eliminates inclusion body formation, and aims to replace mammalian systems as the primary platform for expression of these valuable proteins. Once fully utilized within the industry, SoluPro™, will help make next generation biologic drugs affordable and accessible for the millions of patients who need them today.

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